Great Friends and Business Associates

Merle Langley former owner of Marlboro Mats (a great friend for over 25 years) The late Donn Purdy proprietor of Fiddlehead Press (a great friend for many years).
The late Donn Purdy running the Intertype at Don K. Black Linecasting. The late Donn Purdy with members of Richmond Hill Printers Guild visiting Don K. Black Linecasting.
Mike Soloudre former employee, now retired. He worked for us for many years. He is a great person and a wonderful machinist. He had a lot to do with making our business a success. Doctor Leland Whitson taken at the Linotype in the International Printing Museum.  He is a great friend. Museum pictures elsewhere on site.
John Horn in his library at Shooting Star Press, Little Rock Arkansas-a great friend who has a wonderful collection of equipment shown elsewhere on our site. Jim Anderson in front of his Museum at Homasosa Springs, Florida ( a great friend).  He has a wonderful Museum well worth visiting. Pictures are elsewhere on the site.
George and Michelle Walker both are very active in Book Arts. George is a noted Wood Engraver and have been great friends for many years. Mike Anderson with Wood Press at Provo Utah , Crandall Museum (getting ready to print some Martha Stewart promotions.)
John Norton with his Model 31 Linotype heading back to New York State. Paul Coveart former partner in Typesetting business & a great friend for many years
Dave Seat Hot Metal Services- a long time friend. As a Hot Metal machinist “Seat can not be beat”. Ross MacDonald-Printer, Designer, Illustrator-a longtime friend.
The late Bill Poole. He was very active in Book Arts and Private Press / McKenzie Printery.  He was a great friend for many years. Michael Torosian owner of Lumiere Press (Fine Book Publisher). He has been a great friend & customer for many years. Pictures of his Shop are shown elsewhere on our site.
Speed Gray (publisher of the Letterpress Greensheet) Picture is taken with Linotype at McKenzie Printery which Speed ran at RIT. He is a great friend who has helped us immensely on many moves & purchases. Gaetano Gagliano & Son Joe St. Joseph Printing. Pictures of their Museum which we set up are shown elsewhere on our site.  We did Hot Metal service work for St. Josephs in the 70’s.
Jim & Pat Daggs - Owners of Ackley Publishing in Iowa.  One of the finest letterpress shops anywhere. Newest forklift operator Ella Blencowe daughter of Ben & Julie Blencowe of Bens Press
Julie Blencowe and daughter getting an early lesson on the Linotype. They are the wife and daughter of Ben Blencowe of Ben's Press. Merle Langley with Marjorie Wilser at International Printing Musem ATF type conference
Lisa Sloan (our granddaughter) Newest Intertype operator Rick Von Holdt's press   |  Information Request  |  Phone - (416) 751-5944  |  Fax (416) 751-5413
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