• We have large selections of wood type - various typefaces to choose from
  • If you are looking to sell your collection, we may be interested in buying - just let us know the fonts and condition - sending photos might be best
  • If you are looking for some individual letters, we may also be able to help as we often have some random letters available
  • We are finally posting up to date pictures of our wood type inventory.
  • We will be selling by the font (not by the drawer). 
  • We will quote prices on request and all fonts are subject to prior sale.

Currently there are 101 trays of wood type in stock - click for photos
All of these trays have links to Jumbo pictures at the top of the page
The trays with a yellow highlight behind them are new photos.
Updated September 20th, 2018
Wood type - sold by the font (not necessarily the whole tray).
Sold with or without the wood tray.
If you see fonts you like, submit a reasonable offer and it will be considered.
To see the current inventory, please click here.
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