Why buying from Don Black Linecasting is better than buying from ebay

eBay is a great place to look around - we all look for bargains on there. However, when it comes to something like Letterpress equipment and supplies, you really have to compare apples to apples. Often on eBay the presses that look like a 'good deal', or the price seems 'to good to be true' - well, you know the rest.

When you buy from eBay, it could be from anyone, the item could be in any condition, and it may or may not be working. When you buy from Don Black Linecasting, you know you will be buying quality. We buy presses and equipment from reputable companies or private collections around the world. Each press is then cleaned, tested and has new rollers added. We don’t sell presses without new rollers unless you specifically say that you don't want them. When you buy a press from us, it is ready to go on day 1 - open the box or crate, set it up, ink it up and you should be ready to go.

Think of eBay like a used car lot - sometimes you may get lucky, but often you are buying someone else's headaches and you are on your own. Think of the number of descriptions on eBay which say 'I don't really know much about this, it has been sitting in the attic for years'. Perhaps it was sitting there because it didn't work.

You may not have known but Don was a Linotype machinist at a large Canadian newspaper. Craig Black also shares that mechanical aptitude - so when you buy from us, you are getting quality - time has been taken to examine the press, check over the parts, fix or replace parts where necessary, and then new rollers have been ordered to fit. Are our prices sometimes higher than the "deal" you see on eBay - yes. However, if you were to price it out over the long run, including the time and money to get new rollers, you would find that our prices are very competitive.


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